Solar System 3D Simulator

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Analyze the trajectory of the planets with this simulator


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Solar System 3D Simulator is a simple application that helps you learn important details about the solar system. It graphically represents the trajectories that define the different planets around the sun.

You can zoom in on different celestial bodies from its navigation panel, change the speed of the model, or move around the screen using the cursors.

Solar System 3D Simulator faithfully represents the rotation of the planets along their respective axises with respect to the sun.

The application also contains a short explanation with details about each planet.

This program is an ideal tool for classroom use and does a good job explaining to students how the solar system works.

The download link will redirect you to the author's website. To download the program, you'll need to get to the end of the page, and click 'Download from CNET' to access the program files.